The rules of our salon

Erotic massage includes not only massage by naked body, but also creation favorable and confidence atmosphere between client and girl, who tries to make it. Though some clients’ words and actions can spoil such atmosphere. As a result erotic massage turns into spoiled mood of either girl or client.

Do you really want to enjoy erotic massage, pleasure, good mood, physiological and moral satisfaction? Girls embody with pleasure such your desires in erotic massage if you abide by the certain rules of “Roksolana” salon. These rules are based on salon’s experience. If you don’t comply with the rules, girl will be forced to cease massage without return of funds paid.

Visiting rules:

  • We do not provide intimate services (oral, vaginal and anal).
  • You should not offer girls to engage in sexual relations with you on a paid or free-of-charge basis. This proposal humiliates girl, her skills and her efforts to make you high-qualified erotic massage. After receipt of such a proposal girl’s mood will significantly spoil and quality of the erotic massage will significantly reduce.
  • Avoid contact of your penis with girl’s genitals, face and hair. If you ignore it for the first time, girl will be forced to stop massage without returning prepayment!
  • It is forbidden to provide other services (in addition to massage) on a paid basis or outside the salon. Do not ask girls to exchange phone numbers. Even for an attempt to do it, girl immediately will be fired.
  • It is not allowed to touch or penetrate with fingers, tongue, or other foreign objects into girl’s vagina, mouth or anal passage. If you ignore it for the first time, girl will be forced to stop massage without returning prepayment!
  • Visitors are not allowed to take videos, photos, audio equipment, condoms, vibrators, drugs, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to the massage room.
  • It is forbidden to take narcotic and psychotropic substances to the massage room. In case of violation of this rule girl will be forced to ask you to leave the salon and you will be denied in further provision of services in our salon.
  • It is not recommended to come to massage under the influence of narcotic or alcoholic inebriation. Depending on the degree of intoxication, you may be denied in massage or even you will not be ensured to feel relaxation.
  • We recommend you to fix time for massage in advance.

Dear guests, we kindly ask you to respect the efforts and work of our girls.

We are always glad to see you at any convenient for you time!